SPEKN - Wearable Art


SPEKN leggings and active wear carry the designs of artist and designer, Clarence (Gene)

Wright. His color palettes are soft, but energetic. His use of line and space, perfectly

compliment the human form. Wright’s inspiration comes from the culture around him in

Escondido, California, where health and beauty go hand-in-hand. The attractiveness of Wright’s

designs is complimented by the selective quality and fit of the leggings they are printed on. His

yoga-instructor wife insisted his designs were meant to be worn.


Wright has always expressed himself through art, but it is only recently that his art has moved

to a public forum. He is a Retired-Veteran with over 20 years of service in the US Navy. He has a

Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from American Military University and an Associate’s degree in

Advertising and Design. SPEKN is the fulfillment of a dream to “create art my audience can feel

good about and even wear.”


The success of the SPEKN brand has been an astonishment, even to Wright himself.  The printon - demand model allows for instant delivery of even his newest designs. Never before has

fashionable design been so accessible.  “With the strong support of family, friends, and yoga clients, SPEKN was born. I’m blessed and destined to be in this business.” ~ Gene Wright

Your SPEKN designs are ready and waiting for you to wear. Order yours now!

PS: Keep checking back for new designs coming soon.